Amarr Classica Steel Garage Door

We recently installed this beautiful Amarr Classica carriage house style garage door for a client. Below you can see the door in a walnut finish, with large windows as an accent. The style you see above is the “Cortona” design with “Thames” windows with “Alpine” decorative handles and “Blue Ridge” strap hinges. The Amarr Classica series is a top of the line carriage house garage door on the market today. The door has a variety of safety and design features that make this Amarr door stand out among the rest. 

Large Windows

The Classica door offers large windows as part of the design. These windows let in more light than traditional sized windows and offer a more authentic carriage house look.


Wind Load Garage Door

These Amarr Classica series doors are “wind load” garage doors. This means they are designed to withstand high wind pressure and offer an interior wind load reinforcement system. The wind load feature meets all local code requirements for your area.


Lifetime Warranty

Amarr offers a lifetime warranty on all Classica garage door purchases. Perfect Solutions Garage Door, in addition, offers a 5-year installation warranty on all Amarr Classica doors installed.


Safeguard Pinch Protection

The Amarr Classica door has a great feature called the Amarr “Safe Guard System”. The way the panels are put together ensure that fingers won’t be pinched if they a hand happens to be on the door when the door is operating. Amarr’s patented center end hinges safe bottom brackets, and pinch protection sections help to increase the safety of this Amarr door.

Steel, Not Wood

When you first see this beautiful door, in this Walnut finish, you would probably bet a hefty sum its wood. In fact, it’s steel. Steel is a durable, low-maintenance garage door material. Compared to wood, it’s lighter and easier to care for long term. This Amarr Classica design offers all the beauty and design of a custom wood carriage house door, at the price and durability of a steel garage door. With low maintenance and a high safety rating, this Amarr steer garage door is a top pick amongst homeowners looking for style and affordability.


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