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The spring in your garage door is a very powerful item, and in fact, it is the main function of your garage door. The spring is the one that does most of the lifting and opening, and closing of your garage door. Thus, you will consider ways to properly care for your garage door spring before it gets damaged. And if it is not working well, you must consider fixing it.

If one of the springs of your garage door gets broken, that is when you will know how important the springs are. You will discover that the garage door will not function as it used to, and it can start making your garage door make some noisy sounds. Lifting your garage door will be difficult or even impossible when a spring is broken. This article will consider how you can successfully fix your broken garage door springs.

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How To Fix Your Garage Door Springs

When you purchase a new garage door, it is common for two springs to come along, which means you probably have two installed springs in your garage door. The following are the things you should find out before you conclude if your garage door spring is broken. The first on my list is:

  • Identifying The Problem:

You can not just conclude that the door refuses to open or close, indicating that the springs are broken. You can get a professional to check the doors to find out if the problem is the springs of your garage door or something else.

  • Get The Right Spring:

By the time you have known the problem, and you discover it is the spring that is faulty, then the next thing to do is to get the right spring. You can not just guess the spring that will fit in; you have to know the right size of spring to purchase. Because it will not sound good after you have purchased another spring for your garage door, you discover it is either smaller or bigger when you arrive home to fix it.

There are different sizes of garage doors so as the sizes so each type has its size and type of spring. It can be a torsion spring or an extension spring; that is why it is important to get the accurate size and type of your garage door spring before purchasing it. Inviting or going along with a professional will also be helpful.

  • Get Rid Of The Broken Garage Door Springs:

As you have gotten the right spring for your garage door, it’s high time you get to work. But before you go ahead and change the springs, you have to determine if one or both of the springs are broken if it happens that it is the two, then it shows that your garage door does not have any tension.

But if only one spring is found broken and the other is working well, then you have to remove the tension from the garage door spring that is still working with the help of a trench or socket.

  • The drums should be removed apart.
  • Position the garage door spring
  • Go ahead with the installation of your new garage door spring.


After successfully installing the new spring in your garage door, it will be best to check it thoroughly to determine if everything is working well and if the screws are tight enough. To know if the garage door is fixed properly, you will have to open it halfway and leave it for some time; if it does not move but stay exactly where you leave it, then you can be sure it is balanced.

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