This customer called us because their garage door wasn’t opening. They mentioned the garage door was making a very loud noise but they weren’t sure what the problem was. 

We came out and inspected the garage door. The issue was a broken trolley.

The old trolley on top, new on the bottom.

The sound you can hear in the video below is what a broken or worn out trolley sounds like. The trolley is the part that travels up and down the rail while the garage door opens or closes.

This is an easy fix. Not only did we change out the broken trolley with a new part, we also greased the rail as well. We use a white lithium grease for this.

white lithium grease for garage door rail white lithium grease for garage door rail

As you can see in the video below, the garage door not only works but sounds a bit better too!

Broken Trolley Repair Video: Before and After


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