Do you have a broken garage door opener? Or, do you plan to get a garage door opener, but you are unaware of the cost? Or, have you been thinking about how to repair your broken garage door, but you are afraid of the price? It can be very inconvenient to have a broken garage door opener, but do not despair because the repair and installation of a garage door opener are not too expensive; instead, it is much more affordable.

It takes little time to install a garage door, but it is your choice to decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a professional to install the garage door opener. In this article, we will be talking about the cost of installing a garage door opener. Hence, read more below.

The Cost of Installing A Garage Door Opener

Hiring a professional to install your garage door opener means higher pay. You should be expecting to pay $220 and $550. Only the opener will range from $150 and $500 with an additional fee of $65 to $85 for every labor hour. The labor can take as long as two to six hours. Other cost includes.

Garage Door Opener Remote and Lighting Costs

Between $10 and $70 is the cost of an opener keypad for a garage door. It also depends on the model type; most range from $30 to $40. Try to take along a new light bulb, and it is at your disposal to choose the type of bulb you want to use. But, you can get a LED bulb at a cheaper rate, while you can get other bulbs for between $10 to $20. Meanwhile, the cost of energy savings will be included.

Duration Of Installing A Garage Door Opener

Installation of a garage door opener takes about four to six hours. However, there can vary because the structure is in a garage that does not have one or if it is an existing unit that you are replacing. A professional already knows where to replace and where not to touch it, but if by chance you are the one that wants to install it by yourself, then some things have to be followed.

You need to follow the safety measures before starting anything adequately; try to ensure the materials are complete so that you can easily access them. Then, begin to install the rails; after that, the chain follows or any other drive mechanism that you have handy.

Ensure that you have a balanced garage door; then, you can leave the new motor on a tall step ladder until you are ready for the installation. The existing garage door opener should be left In place until you want to replace the garage door opener.

Cost Of Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for the item’s duration in anything we are using. The garage door opener is not left aside; it also needs thorough care, which has to be done regularly. If you want the lifespan of your garage door opener to last for at least ten years, then it is in your hands because the more you maintain it, the longer it will last.

When you decide to use a professional to help maintain your garage door opener, you need to ensure that you expect to pay more money. The fee ranges from $130 for the cost of labor to $59 and $300 for repairs of the opener.


Garage Door Medics provides professionals who can install your garage door at affordable prices with no issues. It can pose a danger to yourself if you try to install the garage door opener yourself without a professional assistant; hence do not hesitate to give us a call.