Electric openers are a vital aspect of garage doors. They help them last longer and are more effective and accessible to people. At Perfect Solutions Garage Doors we offer electric opener services to our clients.

We can repair, replace and install different types of electric openers. We also offer electric gate services.

Electric openers or garage door openers are little remotes or devices typically found on the garage walls. These electric openers offer people the ability to open their garage doors at the touch of a button or through a trigger.

Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can install or repair electric openers for your garage doors.

We can also replace old garage door openers whether electric or non-electric. However, if you have a non-electric garage door opener, we would advise you to opt for an electric door opener for a few reasons which we shall discuss later in this article.

Before that, we shall discuss the different types of electric garage door openers so you have more information at hand when making your decision. As earlier mentioned, we highly recommend electric garage door openers and these are the types available;

When selecting the best electric garage opener for you, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Budget – Perfect Solutions Garage Doors offer durable and high quality products at affordable prices. Your budget will determine the sort of electric garage door opener you will select. You may opt for effectiveness over the look or aesthetic of the opener.
  2. Home – If your home is tech savvy, you can opt for a more complex electric garage door opener however; if it is not or if you have elderly people living with you, it is best to select a simple one that is accessible to everyone.

There are several types of openers, such as the jackshaft, chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive garage door openers. Let’s take a look at them and what makes them stand out.

  1. Jackshaft or Side mount and Belt drive openers are a good option if you prioritise silent doors. Jackshafts are often heavy but they do not need a drive system or an overhead track to function.
  1. Chain drive openers – These are dependable and durable; however, they make a lot of noise. This makes them better for a warmer climate. This way, their many parts do not get stiff or frozen due to the colder weather.
  2. Belt drive openers may be the most expensive of the lot; however, they often come with a lifetime warranty. These are the factors that influence how we select garage door openers for our clients.

Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can repair, replace, and install all types of electric garage door openers. We also repair, replace and install electric gates. Electric gates or Automatic gates are quite similar to electric garage doors. They are simply gates that can be opened at the touch of a button or through a trigger. There are mainly four types of electric gates. They are;

  1. Sliding – These are gates that slide to one side when opened. They usually have tires and a path to help them open better.
  2. Swinging – Swinging gates are like the traditional gates except instead of opening the gate by hand, it is done automatically.
  3. Vertical lift – Vertical Lift gates are lifted upwards to open.
  4. Bi-folding gates – These gates fold on both “gates” and either separate or are moved to one side.

We are well experienced with repairing, replacing, and installing new garage door openers. We can switch out your old garage door opener for a new electric door opener and your old electric gates/traditional gates for a new one.

Electric garage door openers and gates are good options because they are safer and easily accessible to most people. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors offers premium garage door and electric gate services. Reach out to us today to receive a consultation and estimate. We provide the best services available at the best prices available.