Elk Grove Garage Door Repair

With a population of 153,015, the city of Elk Grove is the second-largest city in Sacramento County. Located south of Sacramento City, it is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state and was the fastest growing city in the entire country in the years 2004 -2005. The city’s growth is not only limited to an increase in businesses and commercial establishments operating in the area, but is also reflected in the number of new homes that were built and occupied in the past decade.garage door service elk grove CA

Since the incorporation of Elk Grove as a city in 2000, a large number of new homes have risen in two areas of the city known as Laguna Creek and Laguna West. Most Elk Grove garage doors are designed to open upwards, and use one of two different types of garage door springs, one located above the door opening and another type that is installed with containment cables on either side of the Elk Grove garage door opening.

When either of these types of Elk Grove garage door springs is damaged, a professional garage door repair technician must be contacted to examine the damage and determine whether it can still be repaired or will already have to be replaced. This is especially true for the door springs located above the garage door opening, which are known as torsion springs. Replacing torsion springs on your own is dangerous, and many accidents and even deaths have taken place because of untrained handling of such springs.

When the door springs of an Elk Grove garage door break, don’t hesitate to call us for top-quality garage door repair services. Perfect Solutions Garage Door Inc. specializes in the repair and replacement of damaged garage door springs. Whether your garage door spring is broken, of the wrong size, or worn down, our professional technicians are sure to identify and resolve the problem in the shortest time possible. If your Elk Grove garage door requires a spring replacement, you certainly won’t go wrong with our spring replacements from Canada which are known to be the best in the market.

Perfect Solutions Garage Door Inc. also excels in other areas of garage door repair, including the following:

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