Garage doors usually do their jobs as quietly as possible. The sound you hear when they close and open are similar day in and day out. But, what if one day you hear a different sound from your garage door?  You have to listen very carefully when your garage door emits an unfamiliar sound because more likely than not, it is trying to tell you something about its condition.

Types of Garage Door Noise

Here are some of the common sounds that garage doors make when they have problems. Remember that this list is not exhaustive as your garage door may exhibit various noises if it has issues. The best practice is when you hear abnormal sounds coming from your garage door, always call professional garage door technicians to assess it for you and diagnose the problem.

  1. Motor noise

When the motor of your garage gets too noisy it may mean that it’s working harder than it usually does. You can compare this to the sound of a person groaning while lifting a very heavy object. When your garage door motor sounds like it’s struggling, it probably is. It may need some maintenance from a reliable garage door company. They may have to do an overhaul or tighten bolts on your garage door motor to make it work better.

  1. Screeching noise

Screeching noises from your garage door usually means that your garage door is out of alignment. This is a big problem because it has the tendency to worsen if not serviced right away.  Not only that, the screeching noises that a garage door makes when it has this misalignment problem can be so loud and annoying that your kids or neighbors may complain.

  1. Chugging train sound

If you hear a sound that resembles the chugging of a train, then it’s time you have a garage door company check the rollers of your garage door track. They may have worn out and may be in need of replacement. You should not try replacing the rollers yourself because you may cause more damage to the garage door. Leave it to the experts.

  1. Loud one-time snapping sound

If you hear a loud snapping sound and your garage door won’t open anymore after that, it’s probably because the torsion springs are broken.  The torsion spring does the heavy lifting job when you open the garage and makes it close slowly instead of falling with force to the pavement. Sometimes this spring will snap due to the stress it has been subjected to.  Garage door professionals can replace the torsion spring easily, but you should not do it yourself because it can be dangerous.

Getting Rid of the Noise

If you don’t like to hear these noises that indicate your garage door’s suffering, why not ask a garage door company to do maintenance work. Prevention is better than cure and it’s a lot cheaper, too.  If you have a well-maintained garage, it will serve you for a long time without breaking down. The garage door sounds enumerated here can totally be avoided with proper care and maintenance. If you are in Placer County California, you can call Perfect Solutions Garage Door 24/7 hotline.

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