In this article, we’ll be discussing the basics of garage door service installation. This will include what to look for, the steps to installation, and some frequently asked questions concerning the topic.

The installation of a garage door can be split into three distinct sections: pre-installation, Installation, and Post-Installation.


Before installing a garage door, there are a few things that need to be done.

  1. Selecting the product – This is the most time-consuming step in installing a garage door. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the product. The first is the budget. The product needs to be within the customer’s budget. The next thing is the location. Depending on where the customer lives, the selection starts getting narrowed down. There are garage doors best suited for warmer climates and garage doors best suited for colder climates. Once fully aware of the options available to them, then they can choose the type of door based on their style preferences and the requirements of the home or business. This could be a steel door, wood door, aluminium door, fibreglass door, vinyl door, copper door, composite garage door, carriage house garage door, and many more options. The selection process needs to be done in this order because it can be quite frustrating to pick a garage door only to realise it wouldn’t last very long in the climate of your location.
  2. Inspection – Once the product selection has been concluded, an inspection will take place. This inspection will be conducted by the garage door service installation company handling your installation. This will entail taking measurements and noting how the installation will be done. It is important that you are present for the inspection.


This section of the process takes the least amount of time. Installation is usually done in less than a day because most of the technical work is done before the installation process actually begins. This process includes;

  1. Removal of the old garage door.
  2. Installation of the new garage door.
  3. Setting up a garage door opener.
  4. Connecting the garage door to the previously existing garage door opening system. If there isn’t one, then one will be installed.
  5. Testing the safety reverse feature and ensuring the infrared sensors are functional.
  6. Cleanup of the site.
  7. A final walkthrough where any of your questions will be answered.


Once the installation is complete, further support is provided. This includes an installation warranty and an offer for maintenance services. Maintenance is important because it reduces the number of repairs and increases the lifespan of your garage door.

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning garage door service installation.


A – The answer is simple. There is none. There is only the best garage door for you. This will be determined by your needs, budget, style preferences, and location. These factors will determine the best garage door for you.


A – They do not take as long as you would expect. Garage door installations take a few hours and are always less than a day.


A – Maintenance is important as it leads to less repairs and a longer lifespan. Once you notice a malfunction, it is important to contact a garage door technician to fix the issue and also have an inspection once a year.