In this Article, we give some common problems that can easily be fixed.

  1. Broken Springs – Broken springs are extremely common in garage doors. In fact, they are the most common garage door service repair. Garage doors are often installed with two strings. If one of them is damaged or broken, this is a sign that the other one will follow soon. Therefore, it is often recommended that if one of the springs of your garage door is broken, you should replace both instead. Springs should not be replaced by non-professionals because they maintain the balance of the garage door, and bad quality garage door service repair could result in an accident.
  2. Bent Tracks – A door with a bent track or a garage door that is off-track requires immediate attention from a garage door service repair technician. Once you notice this happening, it means the door needs to be reset or, in rare cases, replaced.
  3. Broken Hinges and Broken Cables – Garage doors are made up of several sections, and two of them are the hinges and the cables. The hinges are often non-electrical, and they are related to how the garage door opens and closes. When faulty, it gets difficult to open and close the garage door. When installing a garage door, cables are wound around pulleys to ensure that the energy is transferred from the spring to the door. This means that they help to lift the door. If your garage door has broken cables, it will be very difficult to use whether it is traditional or an electric one. Broken hinges and broken cables are two issues that need garage door service repairs.
  4. Weak Pulleys – There are two types of pulleys in a garage door. We have the stationary pulleys and the moveable pulleys. The stationary pulleys are often the first to get worn down because of the mechanism of the garage doors. Weak or worn pulleys could make the garage door difficult to use.
  5. Broken or Worn Rollers – This is a common issue that can be fixed easily. If your garage door isn’t rolling as well as it usually does, then perhaps one or two of the rollers are worn.
  6. Garage Door Opener Malfunction – Garage door openers are the mechanisms that control how the door is opened. They are used as safety measures because of how effective they are. If your garage door opener begins to malfunction, then it is a sign that it either needs to be repaired or replaced.

Here are a few frequently asked questions concerning garage door service repairs.

Q – How do I know when to repair my garage door or replace it?

A- If your garage door has any of the issues listed above, then it most likely simply needs to be repaired. However, if these issues become frequent, then there is a chance that a complete replacement is necessary.

Q – How do I find a good garage door service repair technician?

A- In an ideal situation, the best technician would be the one who installed the door; however, we know that this is not always the situation. We offer affordable and world-class garage door services that include repair, installation, and maintenance.

Q – Is Garage Door maintenance important?

A – Garage door maintenance is extremely important. A well-maintained door will not need to be repaired often or replaced as quickly as other garage doors.

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