The garage door represents at least 30% of the exterior home, which fundamentally influences the curb appeal. But to achieve the designed appeal you intend, it is wise to choose the right garage door which will suit well with your façade. But they are different garage door services and styles that best suit your exterior. Continue reading to discover out more about these garage doors.

Different Styles Of Garage Door

  • Contemporary:

A contemporary home is an excellent sterling garage door designed with infinity glass. A younger home planks the garage door of a modern, custom contemporary home.

The contemporary exteriors provide a more striking element and creativity than modern architecture. It has a beautiful feature filled with natural light and asymmetrical details.

It is excellent in capturing the eyes by Looking at the exterior style, which eye beauty can not keep their eyes off the home. All contemporary homes have to have infused styles and character to all home areas. There are various choices to be made: ultra-sleek sterling, smooth, industrial full view Aluminum, textured planks, or minimalist Skyline flush.

Your imagination can play a vital role when you want to choose a garage door style for your contemporary home. You can be fortunate to choose the right one. Or better still, contact experts to help you decide.

  • Carriage Door:

The most popular garage door in modern farmhouse architecture is the carriage house door because it appears like an old-fashioned barn door. Although some people like a solid colour, steel garage door, others can get a lot of creativity through Accents, Wood tones or natural wood. You can also consider a sleek Aluminum glass garage door for those learning more about modern design.

  • Traditional Doors:

Traditional doors are trendy, and they are of different segments. Some traditional doors can be an Overlay Carriage House, Stamp Carriage House, Raised Panel, and Shoreline.

Other Garage Door Styles

  • Ranch:

Ranch home is about a single level design and an open concept layout. The ranch is one of the Famous home styles in the US. If you choose, you can otherwise go for a classic, subtle style garage door for a façade that is modest. If you are finding a way to improve the vertical element of your exterior, you can opt for Madison or Stockton windows.

  • Tudor:

It is a stucco exterior used to design a Tudor home and decorative half-timbering. Late medieval and early Renaissance architectural styles are the inspiration behind the designs. You can overlay your garage door by accompanying it with the best classic-style exterior. Dow ell chooses between our faux wood overlay style, steel, natural wood or Shoreline.

  • Craftsman:

Craftsman home has an entirely different popular design because of the covered front porch and tapered column, which help support the roof and brick exterior materials or composite stone. Depending on the look you desire, they are different garage door styles that will perfectly align with your façade craftsman, and most exteriors are a bit versatile.

  • Modern Farmhouse:

The modern farmhouse has gained popularity over the years, be it interior décor or exterior design elements. It is a typical white colour that the home is entirely made of, and it has a covered porch with one of its features, black or natural wood trim, and a lot of windows.


All the styles of houses are made with magnificent doors with beautiful designs and lots of excellent features. The above are all the garage doors with contemporary, traditional and carriage doors.