A garage door is a very important part of any building, not only does it provide security, but it also adds beauty by complementing the building with its design.

Are you planning on installing a new garage door or replacing an existing one?, Or are you curious about the services that you can be provided?. Look no further for information as this article will list the general garage door services you can be provided with.

If you are planning on getting rid of your old garage door, or just getting a new one then the first thing you need to do is pick from the three main styles of garage doors

  1. Traditional garage doors
  2. Carriage garage doors
  3. Contemporary garage doors
  4. Traditional garage doors

 Traditional garage doors feature raised rectangular panels that can be adjusted by the manufacturer to fit the buyer’s preference. This style of garage door appeals to those who want a classic look for their homes or the building they want it installed in.

The traditional garage door is popularly used because it fit with most building decorations and designs. The material this style of doors is made with includes wood, insulation, and steel

Some traditional garage doors at made with a combination of these materials while others are made with one of them alone. Some configurations that can be found are

steel plus insulation plus steel

A three-layer sandwich of steel and insulation gives you a strong durable door that protects from the elements.

Steel plus insulation

A lighter variant of the steel and insulation sandwich where the steel is placed in front and insulation placed on the inside.


The entire body of the garage door is made from steel.


This configuration is used by people who want that rustic feel added to their building

Wood and steel

This duo not only adds a rustic feel to your building by placing the wood in the front but added security by placing a steel panel at the back.

Carriage garage doors

 This style of garage door has been around even before cars were invented, they got the name carriage from the carriages that were stored in them. This style of garage doors brings their old charm to modern buildings.

There are two variants of carriage style doors, the first one goes with the classic carriage or barn opening mechanism while the other workings like an overhead door but is just designed like a barn door. The first variant is usually made with wood and has been automated so that it opens and closes on its own. The overhead variant is either made with wood, steel with a wooden finish, or a combination of both.

Contemporary garage doors

 This style of garage door is perfectly suited for modern buildings. It helps it achieve a clean and classy and sophisticated look. These styles of doors are usually made with a combination of fiberglass windows and frames made of either aluminum or steel. It is possible to configure the style to fit your preference, some common configurations are

Aluminum and glass

This combination gives you a light and durable garage door that lets in a lot of natural light during the day and lets out your desired lighting during the night.. steel and glass

This combination of steel and glass give you a sturdy door that is easy to maintain with the added benefit of lighting.

You can also customize the placement of the frames, the number of glass panels you want, and their sizes.

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