Garage Door Broken Spring

The proper function of your garage door depends a great deal on its springs. When the spring become worn, lose their tension, or broken, this can cause the door to slip off its tracks or even slam shut unexpectedly. Because this can cause serious injury to you or your family or severe damage to your vehicle, replacing these springs is vital.springs

Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can not only identify which spring on your garage door need replacing, but our professional repair technicians will balance your garage door after the replacements to ensure that your door is working properly.

Quality Springs Mean a Quality Garage Door Repair

  • Our company’s broken spring replacement service is superior because we use only steel springs that are made in America. They are not only stronger than other metal springs, they will also last longer. A sturdier garage door spring means a longer-lasting part, which means that your garage door will function properly for a longer period before the springs need to be replaced again.
  • We also carry a wide variety of sizes so that no matter which spring your garage door uses, we will have it in stock and be able to replace it right away. You will never have to wait for weeks on end for a part to come in; we carry everything you need and can replace your garage door springs quickly so that you can have the use of your garage back right away.
  • Not only will we replace the springs you need, but we will also ensure that your garage door is properly weighted and balanced. In some cases, inferior springs do not have the tension required that is needed to make the garage door open and shut smoothly. If you find that your garage door sticks, jams, or closes too quickly, its springs may be the wrong size. Our repair people will check your garage door’s springs, and replace those that are too small or inferior with quality steel springs. They will then balance the garage door afterward, with no extra cost to you. We even include hinges and opener lubrication as part of the service.

We know that you have a choice when it comes to garage door repair, but why choose companies that use inferior parts and have limited services? When it comes to quality, affordability, and superior customer service that you can count on 24 hours a day, call Perfect Solutions today and discover why we shut the door on our competition each and every time.

Watch our video about wrong size springs:

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