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One of the most common, but annoying garage door issues is when it jumps its track. It is extremely important to cease trying to operate it when this happens. Operating it while it is off of its track can cause further damage to the garage door. This will also increase the cost of repairs.
It may be necessary to contact a garage door technician; however, if it is caught soon enough and is only slight, Do It Yourselfers may be able to correct the issue. It can be a simple case of popping the roller back into place and re-affixing the garage door. Remember that working with garage doors can present serious dangers and inexperienced individuals are wise to turn the project over to a professional.

Back on Track Steps

•First locate the handle and rope hanging from the midpoint of the garage door opener track. Ensure that the garage door is in the closed position. Disengage the opener from the garage door by pulling the handle.

• Raise the garage door slightly until the rollers align with the area of the issue on the track. Use a clamp, a pair of locking vice grips, or pliers to secure the garage door. Place them onto the track right under the lower portion of the door.

• Use another pair of pliers to open the door track in close proximity to the location at which the rollers jumped it. If the width of the track allows it, you may be able to direct the roller’s wheels back on the track.

• Close the opening again using a block or plank of wood and hammer. The piece of wood should be placed against the outer edge as a buffer and try gently tapping the track to straighten it with the hammer. A carpenter’s hammer will work; however, a wooden or rubber mallet is ideal as it will not cause as much damage should you hammer too hard.

• Remove the clamp, locking pliers, or vice grips. Close the garage door by lowering it completely until it is flush with the ground. Press the button on garage door opener remote to ensure it is closed. During the process the opener should snag the garage door which should then snap the release apparatus into it proper position. The garage door and it opener should now function correctly once again.

• It is important to test the garage door a number of times to ensure that it is once again functioning properly. Watch carefully as the garage door continues through its operation and take note of any problem areas. Look for places at which the rollers catch or drag because you may be required to straighten the track a little more in those areas.

Garage Door Rescue

Lack of knowledge and/or experience are not the only reasons that homeowners call on garage door specialists for repairs or maintenance. Most of these task are actually rather simple to complete. The world is extremely fast paced today and families are extremely busy with careers, academia, and extra circular activities. They simply do not have the time required to attend to these things. Our garage door technicians are highly skilled and waiting to get started on your garage door project today.

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