High Lift Garage Door in Auburn, CA

Jerry and Roxanne just purchased a home in Lake of the Pines, CA. On their long list of renovation tasks was replacing the older wooden tilt garage door with something that fit their style a bit better. They were looking for the old carriage house look for their garage doors. But there was a problem. Their garage door was setup so that where we’d need to install the tracks for the new garage door would cross directly in front of the main door to the house from the garage. This would mean you’d have to avoid bumping your head each time you went in and out of the garage on the new tracks. Not ideal, especially if you are already spending money to upgrade your garage doors.

In this case, the solution was to install a high lift kit. Generally, when customers ask for high lift garage doors, it’s to lift one car up in order to park another car underneath, so they can maximize the space in their garage for their vehicles. Clearly that isn’t the case here, but the solution is the same! The point of the high lift garage doors is to lift the garage door as high as possible towards the ceiling to give as much clearance as possible relative to the height of the garage. Jerry and Roxanne decided on Unique Chateau Carriage stamp garage door with arched heritage windows and decorative hardware. Our challenge here was getting it lifted high enough to go above the main door to the house. In this garage, that meant getting the garage door all the way to the ceiling. So, where does the opener go since there is now no overhead space available? The solution was to install a LiftMaster jackshaft opener. This opener mounts to the torsion tube on the upper side of the doors and therefore needs no extra overhead space to work. Problem solved! The LiftMaster Jackshaft opener is a great choice overall. Even if you don’t need the clearance like Jerry and Roxanne, it’s a great option if you just want extra storage space in your garage. The opener is completely maintenance free and comes with a soft open closing mechanism and dc motor, which makes it much quieter than average openers. This makes it a great choice if you are looking for a quiet and durable opener. It also has a programming panel that is easily accessible vs traditional openers that are on the ceiling and hard to reach. Not only that, the opener features a locking mechanism, to safely secure your door. It works automatically after your door closes completely.


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