A garage door has a lot to do in your home; they are more than an accessory; they enhance curb appeal, offer energy savings, and bring value to your property.

If you still have an old garage door in your home, I think it’s best to consider a replacement so that your home can be of tip-top shape.

Are you afraid of how much it will cost to get a replacement now? You don’t need to be terrified.

The average cost for replacing a garage door is $1,123, and not only a replacement, it includes materials and labour costs.

An estimate from a garage door company is likely to add disposal of an old garage door, the door, materials, labour, and hardware replacement.

Let’s dig deeper to see the cost of getting a new garage door replacement.

Cost Of Getting A New Garage Door

Getting an installation of a garage door is an excellent choice to make but, the price depends on many factors. Some of the factors involve upgrading from manual to automatic, removing the existing door, location, a few added features, and the labour cost.

All the listed things affect the price of installing a garage door, making it look expensive.

But apart from the things mentioned, other everyday items determine the cost of a garage door replacement. For example:

  • Supplies and Fees:

The cost of supplies needed to install the door is always included in all garage door installation. The stores have branches and springs also wires and pulleys. The quote of the person that wants to install the door is the one to remove the existing entry. At the same time, some places include transportation fees, permits, and inspection fees.

  • Locks:

Most times, homeowners might decide to install a lock on a particular model for an automatic garage door motor. As a wave is provided, it shows that the garage door can be locked from inside the house, giving it more protection. Requesting for a specific lock adds to the price of the garage door installation.

  • Labour:

Home advisors have made us understand that the labour cost for installing a garage door ranges from $300 on average. But sometimes, the location and the number of entries to be established can affect the price and range from $200 –$500. Labour cost is not affected by materials; instead, it is based on the duration of the installation to be completed.

  • Geographic Location:

Garage door installation price can be affected a lot by your geographic location. Although national price differences have a part, it plays. Because of reinforcement requirements in some areas to avoid garage doors buckling in high winds, it has also affected the price.

  • Materials and Design:

Another significant thing that affects the price is door materials and designs. For example, some doors are costly, like illuminated windows, wooden doors, and custom-designed ones. The lift mechanism is affected by the creation of the door because solid wooden doors do not roll at a 90-degree angle. A sectional design is quite expensive than a tilt-up garage door.

  • Additional Costs and Considerations:

Some other factors affect the price of garage door installation, although it depends on the existing structure and the needs of the homeowners. A homeowner or starting up family with many recreational vehicles might desire to resize their existing garage door or add a garage.

Replacing a missing remote garage door opener, adding additional customizations, or adding insulation can significantly impact the overall cost.


We have listed a certain number of factors that affect garage door installation price. It is left for you to decide if it tallies with your budget. The more the expense, the more you get the chance of getting an up to fit and adorable garage door.

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