The lifespan of your garage door can be something to consider. The springs are one vital part that guarantees how durable your garage door is. The springs help the garage door stay balanced and help in your garage door’s smooth movement. In fact, without a good spring, you wouldn’t be able to use your garage door.

So it is essential to ensure that your garage door springs are properly maintained. Let’s consider the following:

  • How To Maintain Your Garage Door Spring
  • How To Be Aware If You Have A Broken Spring
  • Garage Door Spring Replacement.

How To Maintain Your Garage Door Springs

You have to properly maintain your garage door spring for it to the last long.  . Without proper maintenance, the springs will wear out faster and need earlier replacement. This maintenance includes ensuring your springs are adequately lubricated, balanced, and tightened. With consistent care and a good quality spring, your garage door could last for up to fifteen years.

Garage Door Medics can offer you annual maintenance on your entire garage door system. Your garage doors can be entrusted with them. They ensure that your garage door is in the best condition possible. They provide your springs are balanced and durable to prevent unnecessary wear.

How To Be Aware If You Have A Broken Spring

You can quickly identify if you have a broken spring or not. To start with, find out what type of springs your garage door uses if it’s the torsion spring or extension spring. You can tell this by what part of the garage door they are located. The Torsion spring is found above your garage door in the middle, while the extension spring is found at the sides of your garage door, running vertically parallel.

If the torsion springs are broken, you will see a 2-4 inches gap between the coils, giving a loud popping noise. You will see an extension stretch between the large locks or even a break if extension springs are broken. You will be able to tell if your garage door opens at an angle. In that case, it’s most likely that one of your extension springs has been broken.

Garage Door Spring replacement

If your springs are worn out, there will be a need for replacement. Do not try to replace these springs yourself. To do that, you’ll need to maintain a certain amount of tension, and if done incorrectly could lead to injury. When you need a spring replacement, look up to a professional qualified for the task. Garage Door Medics offers one of the best Springs replacement services.

Not only do you get your garage door fixed, but you also get your job done in high quality. It also offers emergency springs replacement, which means your garage door springs can be replaced whenever you want. It can also be replaced at once if urgent. Medics will also check every other part of your garage door to ensure the entire system is in its best condition.

Garage Door springs vary in size. Garage Door Medics always have a variety of sizes available to consider. They are also specialists in the field and can quickly determine the exact spring size needed for your garage door. Garage Door Medics should be your go-to for your spring replacement because they offer one of the best services required and ensure maximum satisfaction from the service.


It’s crucial to maintain your garage door spring for a longer lifespan. At a point in time, your garage springs will need to be replaced. You can always turn to Garage Door Medics to offer both services. They ensure your garage door springs are well maintained to ensure the longer duration and check other parts of your garage doors to ensure it’s in the best condition.

They also offer one of the best Springs replacement services. They ensure they give you the best quality service you can get and the utmost satisfaction.