There are multiple things you need to keep in mind when it comes to taking measures for the garage door, even if it is brand new or replaced. A fixing subframe of a short description is required for a garage door.

And the explanation goes along with measurements, and it is known that ordering size references vary from each other.

Several criteria specify different types of garage doors, like the price and order of the overall entry. If you anticipate a brand new garage door that should be a roller or sectional door, you have to take accurate measurements. Now let’s talk about some measures that will be needed.

Things To Measure

  • The width and height of the existing subframe, if you leave it in the place where the new Doo will be fixed.
  • Width and height. Of the brickwork opening which has been in existence.
  • Internal headroom ( from underneath the lintel to the ceiling, measure the clear spaces).
  • Internal return width
  • Take note of anything that can obstruct the garage. Try to find a garage door that is appropriate with the measurements you have at hand.

Types Of Garage Door

  • Sectional Garage Door-:

It is common to see most sectional garage doors installed from behind. It usually requires the Frame legs to have large spaces, and also, the curved part of the truck in the place that the door panel moves in requires heights. You can install larger sizes and small ones than the actual opening of the Width and Heightheight. It is rare to see a standard sectional door as the exact size of an old door.

In general terms, most sectional garage doors that are domestic will be 90mm for each side of the installation and around 100 and 210mm of headroom above the door’s top panel. Try to take your time and check each manufacturer carefully before you commit.

A sectional garage door comes along into the garage in the horizontal rails. It is essential to make the room clear that at least the door’s height will be 350–600 mm in the garage. Most garage doors come as imperial or metric measurements ordered. But in some cases, the actual size of the door is not imperial; instead, it is a rear reference order size.

  • Roller Shutter Garage Doors-:

The name ” roller shutter garage door” shows the type of door it is meant for, mainly for a roller garage door. To achieve maximum size, you will need to install a track and a support bracket for the roll of curtain inside the garage opening. You will need to be behind the lintel to maintain the best drive-through height; in most cases, it is because of the roll size for a roller door that ranges from 300 and 450mm.

The roller shutter in modern times does not need a subframe because the tracks fit directly to the garage structure. An insulator roller door can properly suit a structural opening. At the same time, a non-insulated steel roller door will have to work behind a frame because of the difference in constructed track guides.

Recently, the majority of roller door manufacturers are producing a variety of roller doors of the same size and standard sizes with special offers.

  • Side-hinged garage doors-:

The process of side hinged doors is pretty similar to up and over doors during order and measurements. In this case, the subframe internal opening size is usually the reference. The reference used is not the actual door leaves. Instead, they are usually the ones that tolerate built-in, although it depends on the panel thickness.

In most cases, specifically, doors made for a purpose, the overall height and width, which includes the subframe, will be used. Still, it depends on the manufacturer because manufacturers vary from one another.

The width is typically affected by the several factories fitted subframe options. Hence, try always to check the exact thing you ordered, and if you are not sure, there is always room for asking. A measuring tab is available to show you the details.


Do your best to know the correct measurements for your garage door to get the best-fitted garage door for replacement. Do not hesitate to contact us to get an accurate sizing of your garage door. We will ensure that your installation is simple and use your garage for its purpose.

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