Garage door repairs are a good alternative due to the expensive cost of a brand new garage door.  At Perfect Solutions Garage Doors, we provide garage door repair services and are specialised in several fields. A garage door issue does not always equal replacement. In some cases, it can be repaired. Here are some common garage door repairs we offer that will save you the cost of replacing your garage door.

  1. Wear and Tear – Wear and Tear is an inevitable fate of products. It occurs over time and it is virtually unavoidable. The standard durability for a garage door before it needs repair is about 10 years. Even though wear and tear occur naturally, it is heavily influenced by how often the garage door is used and also the climate of the environment. Hence why we recommend garage doors with less parts for colder climates and garage doors with more parts for warmer climates. This way there are less sections susceptible to stiffness in a colder climate.  We at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can take care of all wear and tear issues. This could include broken or worn rollers as well as broken hinges or pulleys. These are the more vulnerable parts of the garage door that often get worn down because they are under constant pressure and experience friction regularly.
  2. Broken Springs – The garage door is usually counterbalanced or balanced on both sides with two large extension springs. If one of them gets damaged or broken, it shows that the other spring is next in line. When one of the strings is broken or worn out, it is usually a sign that both springs need to be replaced since they take equal amounts of pressure and have the same function. This is why we often advise that if one of the springs of your garage door is broken, you should replace both instead of the singular spring that is damaged.  They will inevitably get worn out because of the pressure they receive. We provide same-day fixes for broken springs because we know the importance of a garage door.
  3. Garage Door Panel Repair – A garage door is made up of panels and if one of the panels (outer section) is damaged, it can compromise the integrity of the garage door. We offer panel repairs and panel replacements.
  4. Bent Tracks – When you install a garage door, it is often installed with a track. You can think of this track and garage door’s road or path. This is where the tires that move the garage door from one side to another drive-through. A garage door with a bent track or one that is off track is a garage door that can be repaired. If you notice stiffness or difficulty moving the tires through the track, then it could be a bent track or worn tyres. Most times, the door simply needs to be adjusted and the track realigned. It is very rare to find that you need to replace your garage door simply because of a bent track. This is included in our single-day services, therefore we at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can straighten or replace bent garage door tracks in less than a day.

Some other issues which we offer services for are;

  1.  Weak Pulleys
  2. Broken Hinges
  3. Broken Cables
  4. Sensor Adjustment
  5. Broken or Worn Rollers
  6. Opener malfunction
  7. Annual Maintenance

Reach out for a consultation and estimate. We offer high-quality services and affordable prices.

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