Garage Door Repairing

Does your garage door have issues? Are you looking for a way to fix the problem facing your garage door? When a garage door develops a fault, it becomes a big problem. Why? Because of how valuable it is to your home, most of your belongings can be kept in the garage, where you park your vehicle, and it can also be the main entrance to your home. So you see how important the garage door can be to you if any issue occurs.

If you want to know how to rectify your garage door well, you are on the right track. We have a list of issues affecting garage doors and ways to fix each problem. Get going with the article to know how you can successfully fix your garage door problems.

Problems And Solution Of Garage Door

  • A Faulty Garage Door Motor-:

The motor of your garage door can develop a fault and therefore breaks. When a garage door breaks, there are ways you can discover it by the way it sounds. You will look out for signs of breakage, or does it grind its gear whenever you open and close it? Or is smoke coming out from the garage door motor? Is the garage door motor kaput?

These are the first signs you will check to discover what to do next. If all these affect your garage door motor, then you need no one to tell you to replace the motor. The following are ways you can quickly and safely install another garage door motor replacement.

Step1-: the power at the fuse box that goes through the garage has to be disconnected.

Step2-: check the ceiling outlet where the garage door motor is plugged in and unplug it.

Step3-: use a screwdriver to unscrew the mounting hardware, then leave the motor on the floor.

Step 4-: the cover that encloses the chain mechanism has to be removed.

Step 5-: make the door free from the chain and motor by removing the garage door emergency release.

Step6-: check the trolley assembly and remove the chain of the garage door motor.

Step 7-You will have to disconnect the chain from the motor.

Step 8-: get a new motor to replace the old motor.

Step 9-: take the garage door chain and reinstall it to the trolley assembly. Then let the cover be closed.

Step 10-: Next, the motor will need to be connected back to the mounting hardware.

Step 11-: at the ceiling outlet, you will need to plug the new motor back into its place.

Step 12-: Check the fuse box and reconnect power to the garage. Then you have to test if the garage door motor is working well.

  • Off The Track Garage Door-:

One trickier problem with your garage door is when it is off the track. So many reasons can make your garage door off the track, but that is not our focus. Our focus should be on how to solve the issue when our garage door is off the track. So let us see some steps to follow.

Step1-: get a ladder and use it to unplug the garage door.

Step 2-Then, the door should be released from the garage door opener’s chain.

Step3-: you have to look for the wheels off the track while you get locking pliers to lock a pair underneath the garage door. Then get handy your rubber mallet and use it to knock the wheels back on track. Then check if they are back to normal by manually opening and closing the garage door.

  • Garage Door Refusing To Close-:

You might be heading out, but notices that as you open your garage door and close it, it immediately opens again; it can be a headache at first, but not to worry, it is easy to rectify. Two reasons can be the reason for such to happen.

First, an object obstructs the garage door sensor, and the second reason can be a misaligned sensor. The first reason can be very easy to repair by just removing the object that is blocking the sensor, but for the second reason, it will require some procedures, which are;

Step1-: use a garage door remote to close the door.

Step2-: by the time the door closes, if it gets to the ground, try to get in touch with the two sensors and align them for the infrared beam to match.

Step3-: if the door eventually closed and didn’t open again, you have solved the problem.


Above are part of the problems involving a garage door, but by the time you follow the steps, you will fix your garage door successfully. But in everything, you must abide by safety precautions to avoid injury or any accident.

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