Garages are one part of the home that are in constant use throughout the years, day in day out. This can lead to wearing out of the doors and entrance to the garage with situations such as broken panels, chipped paint, imbalanced doors or doors that have problems with opening and closing properly. Now the real contemplation between replacing or repairing your garage doors arises. This post would help you determine the right answer to that question.

Factors To Consider Before Repairing or Replacing Your Garage Door

Here are some factors to consider before deciding whether to replace or repair your garage doors:

They mainly include the type and extent of damage:

❏   Type of Damages


1.   Cosmetic Damage

This involves changes in the look of the garage either from chipped or fading paint or a cracked panel that results from long time use, weather effects or dents from impacts. This type of damage does not affect functionality but only affects the appearance of the door.

If these are the only noticeable damage to the door, a repair may be a better and more cost efficient option.

2.    Structural Damage

Severe weather and temperature changes seasonally can change the structure of the doors causing them to become warped. In this case, the door is not able to open properly and a replacement would be the best thing to do.

You could utilize the opportunity to change your wooden doors to steel doors or any other material you would prefer. A wooden look can also be created using steel if it’s a personal preference.

Our experts at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can help you with the repair or replacement based on the type of damage and final decision.

3.    Functionality

These are situations where the function of the door is impaired such as stuck doors, loud opening or closing sounds, slow opening and closing. In this case, making a decision between repairing and replacing would depend on the extent of damage.

❏   Extent of Damage


1.    Minor

Sometimes, the damage done to your garage door is only slight as in cosmetic damage and does not require a total replacement. In this case, a repair would be most appropriate.

An example is an unusually heavy door, this usually indicates problems with the springs and that can be easily repaired.

2.    Moderate

In this case, the damage done compromises the structural integrity of the door and not just the aesthetic appeal. A door that is warped or rusted for instance would not perform its functions of keeping out elements and predators and may need to be replaced.

Another example is damage to panels of the garage door. If it’s a single panel, it should be quickly repaired to avoid affecting the others and increasing the overall repair costs.

3.   Extreme

In this case, your door malfunctions and also has cosmetic problems. In this case, a total replacement of the garage door is necessary.

An example is a case where the garage door is extremely old and malfunctions quite often with opening and closing become difficult. A repair is the best option here.

At Perfect Solutions Garage Door, we offer recommendations based on the state of your garage door, help with repairs and installations of new garage doors to your specification.

All you need to do to protect your garage door and ensure it looks its best is call us.

With excellent customer service and affordable pricing, we’re the best people to serve you.

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