You’re most likely somewhat acquainted with how garage door openers work. A ceiling-mounted digital opener utilizes a system of chains or belts and an above track raising and lowers the door. Called a cart bar system, these prevail in most household residences. Yet, the cart bar system isn’t the only alternative for property owners.

Some property owners have unique situations that call for a jackshaft opener. Possibly a timber beam covers the area where a conventional opener would undoubtedly be. Others favor a jackshaft opener as an excellent luxury product to own. So, what are the reasons you might set up a jackshaft opener? Eventually, it comes down to your home’s architecture, your desire for security and automation, and your need for a storage area.

With this system, the most significant distinction you’ll notice is where the motorized part is situated. It works by transforming the torsion bar, making use of the springs to increase and decrease the door along the tracks.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to install a ceiling-mounted opener in a garage with sanctuary or sloped ceilings. In these instances, place the garage door opener at the wall surface comes in very convenient. Since the opener isn’t using up room on the top, you can gain back the room above the garage door for storage space.

While most jackshaft systems give comparable horsepower to a trolley style system, some can open up garage doors up to 14 feet in height or with a complete area of 180 square feet. Property owners likewise like jackshaft openers because they’re quieter as well as offer more security features. Some systems, like the Liftmaster 8500, use a deadbolt lock to protect your garage door after it closes.


Like a trolley system, a jackshaft system likewise uses car opposite sensing units to stop the door from closing when lorries (or people!) remain in its course. Jackshaft openers are too simple to couple with innovation. Lots of have programs as well as automation abilities that far surpass essential openers. For instance, It can program the Liftmaster 8500 to close at a set time every day from the touchpad, or it can connect it to a gadget through an application that offers a lot more control over the door, consisting of open and close alerts.

First, they’re extra costly than a standard system. Not just does the real product expense even more 25 to half extra, yet you possibly can’t mount it on your own. Jackshafts only work when the torsion springtimes are entirely in song. That means you’ll need an Atlanta garage door company to take care of the installation as well as recurring maintenance of your system.

It would help if you had an electrical outlet within six feet of the opener and at least 7 inches of clearance on the door’s side and 3 inches above the torsion rod so It can install the system. And provided the way it operates, It cant utilize jackshaft openers with solitary panel garage doors; they only deal with sectional (or roll-up) styles.

Garage Door Openers Every one of our openers includes a Lifetime Motor Warranty and has optional devices, such as outside keyless access, added transmitters, a garage door screen, or a laser car park help! The optimal selection of openers if you have an area placed above or surrounding your garage; belt drive garage door openers are the best, quietest, most reliable systems you can get.

Likewise, a jackshaft garage door opener called a wall mount or installed garage door opener side can be a terrific option for your household garage door. Read on to discover what jackshaft drivers are, the very best usages for jackshaft drivers, and components to think about before buying. A jackshaft garage door opener mounts to the wall surface of the garage alongside the garage door track.

An overhead install, on the other hand, hangs from the ceiling. It unlocks by relocating a connected cart along a chain or rod. A jackshaft garage door opener works better for some garage set-ups than others. Consider a jackshaft driver if any one of these applies to your scenario: You require a peaceful garage door opener.