Our customer, Theo, has lived in her home for more than 20 years.

Over the last two decades, she’s watched many neighbors replace their garage door systems, but never thought about replacing her own.

During the past year, her garage door was giving her more and more trouble and she began thinking about upgrading her garage door and her garage door opener. Between a noisy garage door opener, and the lack of style her 20 year old door was giving her curb appeal, she reached out to us to get a quote and get the process started!

Her home is beautiful, so she wanted garage doors to complement the elegacy and classic style.

We sat with Theo and helped her go through our manufacturer catalogs to find the door that matched her style and budget, as is part of our service. Ultimately she went with the Stockton glass garage door – classic and elegance defined!

The stockton windows let in light into Theo’s garage but the overall style of the door provides privacy. The Clopay door has a long design as well. The carriage style metal accents give it more classic charm and a custom look.

Clopay doors are made of steel and have the option to add insulation. They offer doors in a wide range of colors and finishes as well, so it’s a great door to match any home’s curb appeal. Durable steel will ensure Theo’s door lasts another 20 years.

The best part, Theo’s neighbors love it too! And with our new garage door opener installed, Theo is enjoying a much quieter and smoother garage door operation every day!