There are numerous types of commercial doors in the world. And the doors need to be secure, functional, reliable and durable. Commercial doors also need to be attractive and have a competitive price. Many products have to meet the demands of today’s myriads of commercial doors.

Our company provides you with the perfect solution for all the needs of commercial doors. We use the best materials of the highest standard to build our doors, along with expert craftsmanship. Below are the samples of the different commercial garage doors.

Types of Commercial Garage Door

  1. Sectional Doors (Insulated & Non-Insulated):

These doors are typically made from galvanized steel panels with an insulator inside that helps provide thermal isolation and sound reduction. Customers can choose from metal gauges, track styles, glazing, panel profiles and hardware.

  1. Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors:

These doors are made with an aluminium sectional door that has glass panels. It is architectural situations that the doors are used for which demands light transmission and visual access. Customers from different commercial and industrial races can select different glazing materials, finish options, track styles, and stile widths.

  1. Rolling Service Doors (Insulated & Non-Insulated)

Rolling service doors, also known as coiling doors or tool doors, are made from curved slats or interlocking flats of galvanized steel aluminium or stainless steel. This door provides weather protection, low sound transmission, and a unique security feature.

They are of different colours like tan, white, brown, grey, or other finish colours over 200. Other rolling doors are made special, such as the Rapid slat, which has an advanced service door combined with high speed with cycles, security, durability, and fire-rated rolling service doors.

  1. Security Grilles:

You can get security grilles in upward coiling models or side folding. It helps with advanced design and safety features in any colour or pattern that you desire. It can also be in electric motor operation and open-air design.

  1. Commercial High-Performance Doors:

The name already speaks on how the features of high-performance doors will be excellent. It has sectional standard coiling or sliding doors. They are also known as high-speed doors, either insulated doors or doors that can absorb an impact.

  1. High-Speed Metal Doors:

Optimum insulation is one of the benefits of high-speed doors, and it also reduces loss of conditioned air and has a way of saving energy. If you are looking for a closed-door, a high-speed metal door is what you need, and they are aesthetically pleasing and require minimal interruption for maintenance. It takes up to 80 seconds for the opening speed.

  1. Fabric & Rubber Roll-Up Doors:

There are cutting-edge automation and safety devices that fabric and rubber roll-up doors provide. It also has fantastic features that you will surely desire.

  1. Fire-Rated Doors & Fire-Rated Curtains:

The fire-rated door and curtain are designed because it’s intuitive way to give an alarm during fire Hazzard. You can find it in industrial, commercial, institutional and retail projects. This door is up to date regarding the demands for fire safety standards, discerning aesthetic requirements and unusual opening sizes.

  1. Counter Doors & Counter Shutters:

You can use counter doors for numerous purposes, an ideal solution for retail, corporate, commercial, and professional environments. The professional environment includes food courts, pharmacies, bars, cinemas, ticket counters, and kitchen services counter.


Our company deals with commercial garage door and installation, repairs, including maintenance, and a lot more. We make sure we meet up with the choice of our customers regarding the type of Commercial door they desire. You can trust us with whatever services you desire.